Monday, February 29, 2016

Remember That God Knows And Loves You

Hey Everybody!!!! 

Happy Birthday to Wyatt this week!!!! I hope it is the best ever!! Can't believe you are turning 19. Eat some cake for me. 

This week was good! For P-day we went to the tallest tower in Thailand. It was so pretty and amazing to see Bangkok from up so high. While I was up there I realized just how many people are in Bangkok, and how many must be prepared to hear the Gospel. This tower was as close as I could get to a mountain here in Bangkok, and it was pretty cool. There was even a fruit buffet included in the price of the ticket, complete with chocolate fountains! 

Also for FHE some members taught me how to make kay yat say, which is basically a thai omelet....but sooo delicious! They knew it was my favorite, and they were all like, "You are going to be finished sooner than we know, so we have to teach you now!." Love them. 

This week we had a lot of really great lessons with Sister Dik who is Sister Noon's friend! She has a really strong desire to learn and be baptized so we will see how it goes! It was cool to hear her experiences of how God has really been leading her life. 

This week I also went on a switch off with a new missionary! It was soo fun! She had so much faith and we went out contacting and taught so many people! We even taught this less active member who made us a FEAST. She had a giant fish, sticky rice, 2 things of papaya salad, fruit, treats, normal rice, you name it!!  Oh ......and fried chicken.  We did our best to eat a lot, but when it came time for the fried chicken, I just couldn't do it... it had been sitting out for like a day, and I knew it would be food poisoning galore if I were to eat it... so I may or may not have put it in my backpack... but then at the last second when we were saying bye put it back on the plate. Anyways, good times. 

Lately the Asoke Branch has really been stepping up!! They are awesome! they had this meeting on Sunday about how they can be better missionaries, and introduce their friends and bring less actives back! It was soo exciting as they committed all the members to go find people! 

This Sunday I gave a talk in the Thai ward...IN THAI!  I was so nervous, but I prayed before it and I really felt Heavenly Father's help in giving it. I felt the words, "I will go before your face, my spirit will be in your heart, and my angels round about you to bear you up", come to my head.  My words came out slowly and clearly, and as I shared my testimony at the end I heard myself say, "I Love God, and I know He loves me." When I said that, it was not something I planned to share,  but I really felt the truth of that. I love God and I know He loves me. 

Lately, I feel I have been in a bit of a rut. When teaching it seemed to me that the things I was telling people seemed repetitive.  A couple training meetings ago, an Elder shared this experience about how knowing God loved him changed everything, so I have been praying to feel a reconfirmation of that. So after I gave my talk and recieved that confirmation, it totally changed things. When I was reminded of how much God loves me, it changed my teaching and as such we have had some cool experiences in following the Spirit. That was definitely not how I expected to get an answer to my prayers, but I have come to know that a reminder that God LOVES you will change everything. So I invite you all to pray for that reconfirmation; it may not come immediately, but it will without a doubt come, and the wait will be worth it. 

I love you guys!


Sister Remington 

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