Monday, February 1, 2016

Simple Truths

Hey everyone!
Oh man, this week was crazy, and that's the khwaamjing (truth)!  We also will get transfer calls this week, and that means I start my second to last transfer! 

Anyways, this week Bangkok had some strange weather and it was soo cold! I ended up wearing my one sweater and another sweater borrowed from Sister Coates layered on top of one another. To put this all in perspective I have hardly, if ever, worn a sweater outside here. All the Thai people were freezing too and were wearing winter parkas, gloves, and hats! (Even though it was probably like 15 Celsius.) 

This week Sister Coates was really sick! We went to the hospital again and she was diagnosed with a bacterial infection... All they did to figure that out was ask her a couple of questions, poke her stomach, and then say, "Here, we will give you 2 kinds of antibiotics as we are not sure what kind of bacteria it is, but one of these will probably work." Sketchy. 
As Sister Coates was really sick this week she rested a lot so we didn't get a chance to do as many things as we normally would, but I will say that our apartment is now extremely clean (I got bored) haha

Oh! And this week Sister Coates told me I was sleep talking and said, "I can't believe they walked across the plains." (probably meaning pioneers?) 

Sister Coates and I joined Sister Grange this week to teach a member in the International ward, and she took us to the fanciest buffet I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE!  It had steak, chocolate fountains, ice sculptures, and food from all around the was also on the river. Sister Coates had her bacterial infection and most likely should not have eaten food like that, but we both did and it was delicious!  Sis Coates didn't feel the best afterwards though...

Also this week President Johnson and Sister Grange asked Sister Coates and I to take a member (who had been set apart as a missionary) to the airport at 3AM.  She is going to Australia and had never flown was an experience.  On our way back to the apartment, the taxi driver slammed on his brakes and then, it totally stopped working....IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FREEWAY!! The taxi driver got out and started pushing it to the side of the road, so we got out and started pushing too! I was so scared we were going to get hit, as cars were whizzing past us on all sides. After all that craziness (and a few prayers) the taxi driver started up the car and we returned safely. 

The last thing that happened this week was we taught a man from America!! That was a crazy and awesome lesson.(And my first time teaching an American). As we explained the basic truths of the gospel, praying and getting an answer, I shared my testimony about God being our Heavenly Father. He then said to me, "You say that with such surety." I replied saying, "I know it's true." And I really do know that it is true. Many times on my mission I have been amazed to see that people aren't aware of these seemingly simple truths, and how it is such a privilege to know these things, and even more of a privilege to be able to share them. So I guess that is my thought for this week, though simple, it is that God is there, He listens to our prayers, and is our Heavenly Father. As our father, He really listens to us and will help us, because He loves us. This I know to be true. 

I love you guys!

Sister Remington 
On Sunday we taught a Woman who is a Monk. 

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