Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Sometimes The Best Way Is Not The Easiest

Hey Everybody! 


This week was a blur of meetings....there was MLC where the ZL's and STL's meet with the mission president and get trained, there was a meeting for missionaries finishing their missions next transfer (crazy!), and we went to train the zones! And ya...it was busy. 


So to begin this email, last week we went with some of our district to this place called the Escape Room, where you had to figure out clues to get out of the room using keys, puzzles, and problem solving. There was a button on the wall that you could press if you got stuck and someone would come give you a hint.  Lets just say, I pressed that button a lot. I'll be honest as well, it was not really that fun. We are going to see snakes this week though! (eww?)


I really loved the training at MLC.  One of the AP's talked about an experience where he came to know God's love, and how that, to him, changed everything... his every motive, his every action...everything. Hearing that really re-motivated me to look at my desires behind why I do certain things, and to make sure I am doing it all to please God, and not others. We then went to train our zone about these things, and for some reason I ended up doing a lot of the talking, so it was good for my slight public speaking fear (which I think everyone has). 


Ohhh man that meeting for people Jobbing (finishing) their missions next transfer was soo weird! I can't (and can) believe I am at this point, but I still have a while left to work hard! However, it was a good meeting, as they got us to start making plans for certain areas of our lives when we go home, so that we are able to keep learning and growing, and not just plateau or go back to how we used to be.


There was one day this week that was seriously crazy. I thought at the end of the day that it could be made into a movie. So to briefly summarize:


Sister Parin and I were running for the train to go teach some people, and the doors shut and I thought we were both on. Then I looked behind me only to find out that Sister Parin didn't make it in!!! It was really stressful as we were going pretty far away, but (long story short) I found her! I think from now on I will grab people's arm when I get on the train; especially when there are crazy crowds with billions of people.


After that we went to teach these Pakistani investigators at their house! They made us some delicious food, and we were able to here of their amazing story!  Then, we went to teach our investigator from America and his girlfriend at their apartment. They had the coolest art and paintings that they had brought over to Thailand on a boat! (I was also introduced to one of their relatives, who was a doctor and was drinking water in a crystal glass wearing a fancy housecoat.)  Our lesson was cut short, because our investigator, a psychologist, was summoned by one of his patients hoping to get out of a mental institution. Good times. 


Anyways, a really cool miracle happened this week. Sister Saa (the Cambodian recent convert) called saying that her boss is going to pay for her visa in Thailand. This is the first time in all of her 25 years here that this has happened. She was a bit emotional and knew it was a miracle from Heavenly Father. I have been so privileged to teach her and to hear about all the miracles that occur in her life. She is one of those people I know I needed to meet on my mission. 


For a spiritual thought this week, the importance of making decisions really stuck out to me.  We visited a lot of less active returned missionaries and it made me feel really sad. They are people who just know so well what they should be doing in order to gain happiness, but they are choosing not too.  Another moment that really underscored this all to me was when I was trying to figure out what to do when Sister Parin didn't make it on the train....I was praying to figure out what I should do, and I didn't really get an answer, so I just acted on my best approximation.  Soon after, I heard the phone ring and she told me where she was. So I guess what I learned from these two very different experiences was #1. Make choices that lead to your happiness, sometimes the best way is not the easiest, but it is infinitely worth it in the end.  and #2 Pray and then act on your best approximation trusting that it will be confirmed by Heavenly Father. Heavenly Father is  mindful of us all. 


I love you guys!


Sister Remington 


P.S. A ward member told me that I look like some actress named Lisa Jakub? Not sure who that is hahaha  



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