Monday, October 5, 2015

Seriously Funny Stories and Real Intent

Hey everyone!! 

This week was a week full of funny stories, and awesome experiences. Let's begin with the funny stories:
1. "My hair is falling out"

This story is not new news, but my district's advice for me was hilarious. Lately, the Elders have been doing some "working-out" at a member's house on p-day. The last time they went, he was also giving them some workout tips. He told them that when he works out, he eats dog food. The Elders were taken aback and were like, "actual dog food?" And the member was like, "Yes, dog food helps your body to have a bunch of nutrients and helps your hair grow super thick." So when I mentioned my hair was falling out, the elders told me Ishould just eat dog food....I will not be taking this advice.  Oh! And last time they worked out with this member, he asked them if they wanted a cookie...turns out the cookie was a dog treat.... Bahahahahha 

2. "I can't teach in English"

This week we did a bunch of contacting, hours and hours a day and we weren't seeing any success finding new investigators, so we decided to call through some former investigators in our phone list. We called this one guy and made an appointment. On the phone we were having a hard time understanding him, but in the end we managed to communicate that we wanted to meet at the church at 3. The investigator showed up, and as it turns out, he is a guy from Cameroon, Africa or something, and speaks English (explains why we couldn't understand his Thai on the phone)...his dad is also the minister of a Baptist church, so he tells us we have 10 minutes to teach him what we know. I was so scared, because I have taught in English only 3 times on my mission, and those times were at the beginning. Anyways, we start teaching the "restoration of the gospel" and it was such a struggle... I was forgetting gospel words in english, and so was sister Carrillo, so I don't know if it made much sense. Our lesson went like this: "And then Joseph Smith blee the Book of Mormon". "Wait...what does blee mean?" "Oh yeah, translate...and then Jospeh Smith translated the Book of Mormon." It was sooo hard, and really a wakeup call for me that I should learn how to teach in English... 

3. "I'll help you find him"

This week we got some new "inviting" pictures which included a new picture of Jesus Christ, (taken from a movie or something) ...its like a photo of a person- if that makes sense. So I am in Macro this week (Thai Costco), and I ask someone if they know Jesus Christ, and they answer back, "no, but I will help you find him". At this point, he then proceeds to show the picture to all the Macro employees saying, "this girl lost this guy". Sadly, when I explained what I really meant they weren't too interested.  Haha

4. "I've never been near a foreigner before"

This story happened at English class this week. A new lady walked in and I went to sit next to her to help her. All of a sudden, she looks at me, quite alarmed,  and says, "I've never sat this close to a white person before"... she then pokes my arm and says, "whoa, I have never touched a white person before." It was soo funny. 

Anyways, lots of really great miracles happened this week too! Our one investigator (she's been investigating since last transfer) is really building her testimony. It is cool to see her learn about repentance. The other day she said she did something wrong, and then she said she prayed to say sorry and then it was really weird, she said as she was going to sleep she was "smiling to herself. Repentance really is a great thing. She also went to a party this week and just sat there and didn't break any commandments, all because of a scripture that a member texted her.  
This week (and last week), it has been hard to find new investigators. We have been contacting tons, and doing all we know how to do, but last week no one came to church, and this week we had so much hope that if we were doing our best Heavenly Father would make up the difference. It was Fast Sunday so we decided to fast in order to find new investigators...we did, but no one made it to Sacrament Meeting. After Sacrament one investigator showed up, but still no new ones. I'll admit Sister Carrillo and I were a bit discouraged, but then at the very last moment, after church was over, two people (a girl and a guy) walk in. It turns out they were friends of our Branch mission leader, and that the girl had been wanting to come to church here for 3 years!!! We taught them and they seem soo great. I know Heavenly Father can perform miracles if we have faith...and sometimes it takes a little patience, but it all works out. I know Heavenly Father lives, and loves well as you all.

One other thing I have been thinking about lately is real intent. In this month's Liahona, there is a talk about this one guy who in seminary is challenged to read the Book of Mormon. The seminary teacher makes this chart, and puts it on the wall with each students name, and each time you read a chapter you get a gold star. This guy soon sees that the other students are waaay farther ahead of him and have way more gold stars than he does. So he starts reading the Book of Mormon every chance he gets, between classes, after school etc. He describes,  "In doing this, you would think that I developed a strong testimnony, or finished it first, but no "I got none of that...all I got was what I went stars" This really made me think... what are my intentions in my life, are some things I do just for the "gold star" or for the praise of it, or is it truly for to serve and love God? It was really good to think about. 

Anyways, I love you all!!


Sister Remington

P.S. Its so awesome you guys saw my Thai friend, Ariel (Sis San from Chiang Mai) on Temple Square!! 

P.P.S. This is some legit Thai food our investigator took us to eat..spicy somtam (papaya salad), and yes...bugs

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