Monday, October 19, 2015

Overwhelmed? Just Work On One Thing At A Time

Hey everyone...this week was interesting to say the least. Monday to Friday this week were super hard days.... every single day I just got slammed down by people, and it did not feel very great. It felt like everything I was doing was being attacked, and lets just say my confidence was kinda low. 

Last Monday Elder Lindley got really bad food poisoning from Mugatat (this place where you cook your own meat) and we all thought it was kinda funny, because he is a greenie and everyone knows that you only get bad food poisoning when you are a greenie....but then on Thursday a recent convert invited us all over to his house to eat...and I got really bad food poisoning!!!  hahaha good times. 

Anyways, Thursday night we all took a bus to Chiang Mai and had zone was all about making your prayers more meaningful and it was super good. The next day we had Zone Conference in which a general authority came (Elder Funk) and to be honest I didn't get as much out of it as I would have liked. (Because of before mentioned food poisoning.) I do remember one thing his wife said though. She said, "The Lord did not call you to fail on this mission...he called you to succeed." When she said this it reminded me of something a friend sent me at the beginning of my mission, that said the exact same thing... this was the turning point for me, and I realized I needed to stop worrying so much about the opinions of others, because it just doesn't matter. The Lord called me, and he brought each of us to earth to succeed! 

Oh!!  During Zone Conference we also got new phones! We now have smart phones! SO fancy... I can read the Liahona magazine on the phone far back as I want! I took this opportunity to go back to September 1995 (the month and year I was born) and guess what....there was an article there called, "The gospel dawning on Thailand"...a pretty cool coincidence if I do say so myself.  

The next 2 days I got to see all the Chiang Mai members, who made me feel so loved!! They all told me how much better my Thai has gotten and how grown up I look (you really are like a baby in your greenie area haha). They all wanted to sit by me, talk to me, and told me they missed me! I also got to see 3 of the people I taught that were baptized! They are all still active and doing well! One of them even told me her daughter is getting baptized next week! I will attach pictures of all of them and some friends!

I also got the packages from Mom and Grandma Cammy, as well as the post cards from Switzerland! It had all been bouncing around Thailand for a while. Thank you guys! I loved the cereal and the photobook!!! All the Thai people liked looking at the photos too! 

Anyways, I am not too sure what my spiritual thought is going to be this week...but something my mom wrote to me rings true. It is that sometimes we can all get so overwhelmed...we want to change everything about ourselves all at once, and we sometimes let satan trick us into thinking we haven't made any progress. When we feel like this, we need to realize we just need to work on one thing at a time, and slowly, but surely the Lord will help us succeed. Sometimes it is hard to realize when we are in the midst of trials, but I know that we are given trials often as a gift... a gift to help us become who we need to become. 

I love you all! I love Thailand...I hope this email makes sense hahaha


Sister Remington 

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