Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Everyone Is On Their Own Path

Hey everyone!! Hope all is going well. I feel like I barely just emailed you all! Weeks seem to go by so fast.

This week I can hardly even remember what happened. This morning Sister Carrillo and I were talking about what we were going to write about this week in our emails.  Looks like the only memory I have of this week is when one of the Thai ladies, who always helps us teach, followed us around on her motorcycle yelling things at us in English while we rode our bikes all over Lampang. It is a fairly normal routine, and this is usually how it goes:

Thai lady:  "REMMMMM how do you say เข้าใจ in farang (foreigner) language"

Me: "I get it"

Thai lady: "I get ittttt, I GET IT, I GET IT..... I am saying it right, right??"

I think this story is made all the funnier if you think of the fact that she is yelling these things at me as she follows us super slowly on her motorcycle, and all of these other thai people are staring. It was really funny...I promise...but it may be one of those stories that you have to be there in person to understand.

Last P-day a recent convert took us to a cool Buddhist temple...I'll attach pics. There was this one part of the building that only boys could go into, and the elders went in and made up this whole story about what was in there, just cause we wanted to go in...ya know, ya know.

This week it was Sister Carrillo's B-day, she's 20 now!!! SO we did what we do well, and ate pizza at the best restaurant in Lampang.... it's called Long Jims and it's owned by this guy from America who learned how to make pizza from watching Youtube videos...it's super delicious.

Also this week a convert from Chiang Mai came to visit her relatives in Lampang and I saw her a few times! I showed her our family picture and she pointed to Elliott and said, "I like this girl, her smile is so awesome, she just looks like she is so happy!"  (She is.)

We taught a bunch of new investigators this week as well, and it was awesome! Hopefully, 2 of our investigators will be getting baptized next week, so we will see how it goes!

Today, (as per usual) I want to close with a thought that comes from my studies this week. I was reading a talk and I loved this:  Focus on how the Lord feels you are doing...don't look to the side to compare yourself with others...look up... Ask the Lord each day, "Whatever I can learn today, allow me to learn it." I loved this, as sometimes it is really easy to look around you and think that other people are so much farther ahead, skilled, or accomplished...I think when it comes down to it, we are all our own worst critic!  However, in the end all that matters is how the Lord feels we are doing. Each one of us has a different story and needs different experiences to succeed and be who we need to be. Something my mom always said is, "Everyone is on their own path." Sometimes it is easy to judge other's efforts as more or less than our own, but when we feel like that, we need to remember to "Look up" to Heavenly father who will help us on OUR path, through OUR experiences, get to where we need to go. I know Heavenly Father lives, loves us, and wants me, you, and each of us to return to him.


Sister Remington

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