Monday, September 28, 2015

Artistic Elephants and A Time to Endure to the End

Hey everyone!

Today was a fun day! This morning we rode elephants, and saw an elephant show. This is the third time on my mission riding elephants, but no one else in my district had yet so off we rode. Elephants in general are probs a one time thing, but today at the show I saw them paint pictures and elephants are waayyy more artistic than I am!

This transfer is over now, and Sister Carrillo AND my whole district are all staying in Lampang another transfer! WE are so happy! We love it here. 

This week I went on a switch off with Sister Peck (she dies (finishes her mission) next transfer), and she is crazy good at Thai! Man I have a long way to go still. On this switchoff we were inviting at Central, which is the mall chain all over Thailand, and we got kicked out! Getting kicked out is nothing unusual, but this time the Lady was blowing her whistle at me saying I needed to leave we did...classic. 

Another funny thing that happened this week was we were on a bus and this guy and his family starts talking to us in broken english.  I respond to him in Thai thinking he was Thai, he is then all, "I don't understand you." To which I continued saying the same stuff over and over in Thai. Finally, I clue in and ask, "Where are you from?" And it turns out they were from Korea....oopssss. I swear they looked Thai. They wanted to take a picture with us when we got off the bus though, so I guess it was all chill. That same night I was contacting and I did the same thing again...but this time it was someone from Nepal...oh man so embarrassing.
One day this week when Sister Carrillo and I were going to teach an investigator, Brother S (the guy that got baptized last week), called us and wanted to help teach.  A while later, he rides up on his bicycle in a suit and starts following us all around the town... it was waay funny. 

Lately here in Lampang the weather will be crazy hot in the morning and then it will crazily rain at up to your knees while riding your bike rain.... I finally bought a rain poncho at 7/11 though so hopefully I will now be able to show up a little less wet to lessons. 

I have been feeling so tired lately, it is crazy. One day this week Sister Carrillo and I were reciting these memorized quotes in Thai, and switching  back and forth with who said one. As she was saying one... I somehow managed to fall the space of like 10 seconds, and sitting up too!  Sister Carrillo just said she watched me for a minute or two because she couldn't believe I had actually fallen asleep. Lately I feel like I have felt kinda far away, I feel like I have been here so long (In a week I will have been on my mission a year), and it feels like it has been both fast and slow. It is a weird feeling and the work feels....not slower, but more routine. I know this is just Satan though, and that when we face a trial we need to, "Point our faces to heaven and say.... I know what this is Lord, a time to prove myself...and then partner with him to endure well to the end." 

I love you all!!

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  1. What fun to ride an elephant. That is on my bucket list. Got to wash or scrub one once. That was fun. I love elephants. Lucky you. Hang in there. You are great.