Monday, September 7, 2015

Just Do Your Best (and Auburn's 20th)

Hey everyone, this was another good week!

I found out that one of my investigators, Sister Ava, just got baptized back in that was super happy news! 

This week I turned 20! I feel sooo old. Birthdays on missions are really weird too. But all in all it was a good day. Sister Carrillo made me some breakfast, which was Jackfruit and an "egg peanut butter and jelly sandwich". It was great! 

That night we had pizza for dinner, and then our Branch Mission leader and this other member got me a cake! We all ate the cake after English class and then we get on our bikes to go home, but unfortunately, my bike had a flat tire! So I was like run walking my bike home for like 15 minutes, until I finally got someone on the side of the road to just pump it up so I could ride really fast to get home. Good times. 

This week (to my relief) Sister Carrillo and I bought new beds! We went to this store called Home Pro (basically like Home Sense/Goods, Thai version), and I managed to order new beds for us and had them delivered to our house...all in Thai! After ordering I had this moment like, "Woah...I guess I actually speak Thai now." haha Anyways, the whole reason we got new beds in the first place was because they were like 67,328,964,839 years old, super uncomfortable, on the ground (well that's normal), and I kept finding spiders and lizards in my bed. 

I feel like I learned a pretty big lesson this week. There was one day we didn't really have any plans. No recent converts or investigators were available for a lesson, and we didn't know where to find any less active members etc.  Suffice it to say, we were planning on doing a lot of contacting. That morning in my studies I had read this story about this guy named Dave, who after his father died, inherited his business. Dave wasn't very old when he inherited, and as such was very worried about many of the decisions for the business.  Whenever he came to a decision regarding something he felt was critical to receive inspiration about, he would pray, but he wasn't getting any answers. Suffice it to say he was a little discouraged and frustrated. One night he had a dream in which he saw his Father and Dave decided to ask his Dad why none of the prayers about the business are being answered. His dad responded by saying, "Dave we don't much care about the business up here, what we care about very much is what you become because of your business." 
I loved made me realize it doesn't matter so much what we do on a day to day basis, as long as we ensure that we are working towards becoming the person we know we should be. Heavenly Father always has a plan for us. 

Anyways, that day...the day with no plans, ended up being a great day!  We started off by going to give a member her phone back (she had left it at the church). That member then helped us locate where some LA's lived, and then we went and helped fold laundry at this other member's house (they have a laundromat), and then I asked that member if he could take us to see some LA's.  He was like, "when?" And I said, "Like right now?"  Immediately, he got on his bike and off we went.... we ended up finding 2 LA's, and one of them came to church that Sunday! After that we ate dinner at this AMAZING pizza place that this guy from New York opened up here, and then taught a really fun Book of Mormon class! It was such a good day. It really taught me that as long as you are trying to do your best, Heavenly Father will lead your path...and you will become

Lampang is really good! So many funny things happen on a day to day basis, and my comp and I have so much fun. We have a good number of investigators, and some with dates to be baptized. I will keep you all updated! 

Have an awesome week!


Sister Remington 

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