Monday, August 31, 2015

Prayers Are Always Answered

Hey everyone!!!! 

This week was so good!! I love it here in Lampang. I love the area, the district, my companion. Life is good. 

This week for P-day we went to go see some waterfalls, and a wat on the top of a mountain! We left earlyish this morning...and oh man, here's the scary story:

So a member offered to take us (so nice as it was an hour away), but he drove CRAZILY. I literally thought I was going to die. He was going like 120 up this giant canyon, dodging in and out of cars, and his car kept bottoming out and hitting the ground. My district and I exchanged looks of terror more than once. Finally we arrived at this beautiful waterfall, but then had to take this crazy pickup truck straight up the side of the mountain.....which we had to sit in the back of and hold on for dear life. We then get off and hiked straight up to the most beautiful Buddhist temple ever! I'll send pictures... that will explain. 

Anyways, this week was really good... I am having trouble remembering what happened...but I promise it was really good. We had a fun game night at the park on tuesday and played the classic Thai games of "ninja" and "do you love your neighbor."...yeah. 

We had some interesting experiences with a few interesting people here, but I'll save those stories for another time. 

This week we saw a lot of miracles. Whitewashing in, we didn't have very many investigators, but this week we were able to find some from contacting!! One of them brought his wife to church, and they all have dates to be baptized! We were also really blessed to see some LA's we visited come to church!

Sister Carrillo is really fun as a companion, and we have started running some mornings (T25 the other ones). When we run I feel like I am going to die, I am so out of shape....anyways its a good time. 

Okay, I promise I will write more next week, but I will close with a thought. One day this week I felt really worried... it was about a really little thing, but nonetheless I was worried. I was on my bike, biking around trying to contact and find LA's etc and I just was praying - praying to ask Heavenly Father to help me find the answer...that day. On that bike ride I felt comforted, and then later that day, something one of our RC's (who is 10) said comforted my worries. It was after the lesson was over, and just a passing comment, but I realized..."hey, that was an answer to my prayer." I guess where I am going with this is that prayer works. When we pray in faith, and not just say meaningless words, but pray like we are actually talking to someone, our Father, our prayers will be answered. They may not always be answered in a big way, and sometimes it takes some pondering to realize what the answer was to our prayer...but they are always answered. 

I love you guys.

Sister Remington  

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  1. Hey that lady is holding a puppy just like my new puppy. How funny. That temple and the surrounding countryside is so beautiful. Maybe the scary ride was worth it. What a fun p-day. Have an incredible week.