Monday, June 1, 2015

Let Us Cheerfully Do All Things That Lie In Our Power

Hey everyone!!! 

This email is going to be really short! I am in Surin today (4 hrs away from Mahasarakham) to ride elephants!!

This week was transfers....I didn't get transferred, so S Mcknight and I are still companions.  And the most awesome news is that Sister Tauteoli is back!!!!! She got transferred back to Maha...and we are in a trio again! We will only be in the trio for 3 weeks as Sister Tauteoli is training a cone Thai from Chiang Mai in 3 weeks! Its going to be so fun.

This week a lot of funny things happened, the first being I had to search high, low, and everywhere all over the Issan area to find a hospital that had a vaccine that I needed. (I was almost past the time of getting it.)  The Mahasarakham hospital didn't have it (shocking), so we ended up going to Roi-et (an hour away). Sister Nok (the most awesome member who takes such good care of us here) had arranged for a nurse from the hospital to pick me up and take me there and do it all for me. However, I was skecthed out a bit about explaining it in Thai, as I didn't want to get the wrong vaccine!  I probably said no less than 20 times, "Are you sure it's the right vaccine?" But all is well that ends well, as it has been administered to me....and I am still alive. 

Another funny thing this week was Sister Tauteoli, Mcknight and I went to see a recent convert at his house who had just gotten out of the hospital. At his house he was sitting under this tree. When we went to join him under the tree,  the top of Sister Tauteoli's head brushed a leaf  which had about 2,357,892,473,298 red ants on it, and they all got in her hair!! 

It was so crazy she was running around trying to get them out...but there were so many. She tried to find water to comb them out...but they didn't have any. So she just yells, "I feel like Mahana!!" (extra funny because she is Tongan). Finally we just gave a spiritual thought, although she still had tons of ants in her hair, and then worked on the ant-extraction after. It was soo funny. 

This sunday we had an newly baptized member bring 6 friends to church!!!! Also, 2 of our RC's from last transfer each brought a friend...and they all are interested!!! So exciting. 

I am out of time, for I need to go ride an elephant, but before I go, I want to close with this scripture.  I may have shared it before, but it is so good, and so true every time I read it:  "Let us cheerfully do all things that lie in our power, and then may we stand still, with the utmost assurance, to see the salvation of God, and for his arm to be revealed." D & C 123: 17

I love you guys!!

Sis Rem 
Teaching in the jungle...Sister Nok came with us.

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