Monday, June 29, 2015

Formula for Happiness- And A Snake

Hey everyone!! 

This week was a bit of a struggle as I got a really bad sinus infection (who knew you could even get sick in Thailand right?) And as a result, this week was a bit of a I will try to remember.

Last week for Family Home Evening, we went to a member's house who used to live in Hawaii. As a result they speak English and ordered us Pizza and KFC (aka the only falang food in mahasarakham) Suffice it to say, we were pretty stoked!! 

I guess that there is also a 7-11. It is a place "where everyone knows my name".  I frequent it daily.  Here's a pic of me in the mirror.

Tuesday, for district meeting,our district leader made us Mexican food (he's Mexican) and we were all soooooooo happy! Here in the Essan area there is ONLY Thai food, so we were so excited to change it up a bit. 

This week we also went to Korat for switch-offs! It was sooo fun. They had no beds so we all had to sleep on the ground on a blanket, but nevertheless it was a part-aaay. I went on a swicth-off with sister Mamea and I learned so much from her! She does all these really cool object lessons when she teaches, and I am definitely going to start doing some of them! 

However this week, when I got back from Korat, I was feeling super sick... and I got a really bad sinus bad that I couldn't talk at all. Sister Nok heard about this and promptly told me to follow her on her motorcycle, and she took me to the drugstore where she bought these bacteria killing cough drops, mint oil (to help me "breathe more conveniently"), and some random tylenol pill things. She is so nice...and all of that stuff actually helped a ton!! #themedicineihadfromcanadadidn'tevenwork 
Sister Nok is seriously so nice, and talks all the tijme about how she is going to prank Dad when you all come to visit (I've told her of the many pranks Dad has played on me over the years).

As I was so sick this week I didn't add to much during the lessons, because talking was such a struggle. I did have this one really cool experience where we taught this eternal investigator, and asked her to be baptized...the whole lesson was really awkward, until I got the feeling to just talk about the temple. Once I did, it all was so much better, and I know that she really felt the spirit and has a desire to go to the temple to be with her family forever some day. 

On Sunday a kinda sad thing happened.  It turns out Mahasarakham must still remain a branch, as they need 2 more Melchizedek Priesthood holders that are full tithe payers in order to become a ward. The Stake President came to tell everyone this. We have enough people, we just have to work on getting them the priesthood!

An interesting highlight this week was a prank Sister Tauteoli played on me. One night after I finished brushing my teeth I went by the stairs to floss, and as I was flossing I am talking with Sister Tauteoli, who was just looking through her camera sitting on the stairs. All of a sudden I look on the ground and see this GIANT snake. I am like, "Oh man...oh man... there is a giant snake...LOOK!!" I then promptly hop on top of the dresser drawers. I look over at Sister Tauteoli and she is so calm, and it turns out the snake is fake and she's videoing me! So hilar. Suprisingly, I was fairly calm about the snake too I guess. 

That's all for this week, but I will end with a thought.   It is from D and C 123
13   "Therefore, that we should waste and wear out our lives in bringing to light all the hidden things of darkness, wherein we know them; and they are truly manifest from heaven—
 14 These should then be attended to with great earnestness."

I read these verses this week as I was feeling a little discouraged with being sick and other things, but as I read them I realized that the work of sharing the gospel, sharing our testimonies of truth is what is worth it in the end. That is what our lives are made for, in essence to be "wasted, and worn out" in the service of others and in sharing those things that have brought us happiness. If any of you feel this week, like your life is being wasted, or you feel worn out by sickness, trial, or change- I invite you to do one thing kind for someone else, to "attend to sharing the good things in your life with great earnestness." I know it will help. And I know our Savior never leaves us alone. 

I love you all.

SIster Rems!
This is Sister Laoli! She is Sister Tautelois new comp, she is so awesome! She was a member in Chiang Mai so I knew her before! This picture shows how tiny she is!
Some monks working on a Wat

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