Monday, June 22, 2015

Commitment - There Is No Half-Way

Hey everyone!! This email is probably going to be a bit short, as I can hardly remember what happened this week. 

This week we had a few of our investigators drop us (random moves, opposition from family etc), so as a result we spent a lot of time contacting. 
We even contacted the police, and ran into the local elephant. 

This week I want to tell a bit of a funny story. It starts with Brother Sing's family, and how much I like fried chicken. Brother Sing's family works at this market selling fried chicken and other meat. It is always so fun going to the market as they are soo awesome to teach (they notice the miracles living the gospel has brought their family), and they always give us a ton of delicious fried chicken. Anyways, one night we were going home from the market, and Sister Tauteolis' pedal fell off of her bike. I told her it was no problem, and that I could just ride her bike home and we could fix it tomorrow. She was all, "How?" ....I confidently replied that I had my ways. However, once I got on the bike, it was a lot harder than I thought to pedal it with one foot, so I ended up just kind of scootering along and all of these Thai people, and my compsanions, died laughing. However, on the way home we saw a bike shop and stopped to get it fixed. While we were stopped I started eating the fried chicken, and just had a moment where I thought to myslef how funny the whole situation was. That I was standing there, sweating in church clothes, eating fried chicken....outside a random bike shop in Thailand. 

Another pretty funny thing that happened this week was when we went to go visit an LA, and the Jehovah witness missionary people were leaving. WE go in the members home and she trades out their book for the BOM...and says, "I am ready." It was funny.

This week Sister Tauteolis new companion came, and it was one of my favorite members!! Sister Laoli from Chiang Mai! She came at 4 am...and we had to walk to the bus station to get her. When we got there we couldn't find her. So after looking for an hour we called Sister Nok, and she came and rode her motorcycle around until she finally found Sister Laoli by the hospital sitting on her suitcase. The bus had dropped her off in the totally wrong spot!! 

Sister Alley (the STL from Roiet) called this week and asked me for help speaking french to the husband of an investigator of theirs...I tried but I can hardly remember ANY french....I kept wanting to just speak Thai...hopefully it all comes back when I go home! 

This Sunday was good! over the past 2 transfers Sis Mcknight and I have been doing some LA work, and one LA has totallly come back to church and now helps us teach, while the other has read the entire BOM in a month! This sunday also had 92 people at church! It was amazing, and I am pretty sure the most Mahasarakham has ever had (usually we have around 70 at church) .

I want to close with what I learned this week. This week was a bit of a hard week for me, but what I learned in my studies really helped. I started by reading this talk from the Liahona a couple years ago called, "Brother, I am committed." It talks about 2 brothers standing on a cliff, trying to get the courage to jump off. They keep looking over the edge, but feel it is so high. Then all of a brother jumps off while the other one is like "woah, wait." However, the brother jumping off yells, "Brother, I am commited!" The whole talk then goes on to say that there is no 1/2 way in commitment. We are either all in or we are all out. I then thought of all the things I am totally committed to doing no matter what comes my way. I also really liked this scripture in James 1:22, "Be doers of the word, and not hearers only." We have to be doers in all we do and be matter what comes our way! 

I love ya all!

Sister Remington 

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