Monday, March 30, 2015

Give 100% To Live 100%

Hey Everyone! This week was really good.

For P-day last week we went to Chiang Rai and rode some elephants. Which is totally not like I thought it’d be. Elephants are SUPER uncomfortable to ride.  You rock back and forth a ton!

 But it was still really fun! The elephants even walked through this like lake thing. 

This week Sister Lam and I were able to meet with our investigator Jupe-Jang. She’s been an investigator for as long as I’ve been in Chiang Mai. (almost 4 months)  Jupe-Jang finally recognized her answer that this church is true. She said she kept feeling like it was good and that she should keep coming back. That made me realize that sometimes we won’t get answers to our prayers all at once, but if we listen and try to follow the promptings of the spirit, little by little the bigger picture will be made known to us.

We also had the opportunity to teach one of the Elder's investigators this week. We went out to their house that they were building, prepared to teach a lesson on The Plan of Salvation. However, the family was living in their house while they were building it, and as such they didn't really want to stop building it to let us teach them. They were so kind to each other and showed so much love too...the little girls were always helping one another.  I thought I should help too, so I just grabbed a saw and started sawing stuff. (Thanks Dad for the years of experience).  Not long after I started helping, they stopped working and we were able to teach them! (Apparently I was sawing stuff all wrong). It was a really good lesson and they all have dates to be baptized this transfer!

 On Sunday, a Thai missionary that had served in the Paris France Mission came back to Chiang Mai. He bore his testimony in sacrament meeting, and in talking to him later I realized I had seen him when I was in Paris for my study abroad!

Everyone…I have finally seen crazy rain in Thailand.  It is literally insane!  It is like buckets dumping on your head.  It was so crazy this week, that the power went out in the church so we couldn’t even have English class! 

On Friday through Sunday we had Zone and District Conference.  Zone Conference was just all the missionaries from northern Thailand, while District Conference was with all the members from northern Thailand too! It was really fun. Sister Lam and I were in charge of getting treats for the conference, so we made rice krispie squares and asked a member to get us some popcorn. It was extremley difficult to make rice krispie squares in Thailand. We got one of the senior couples to bring us the cereal from Bangkok, and then we found 3 bags marshmallows that were super a result, there weren't very many, but they were really good! The member that went to get us popcorn gave us 35 bags the day of the conference, but we soon realized that wasn't going to be enough for all the missionaries and members that were coming. So, Sister Lam and I went to the movie theatre at the mall and ordered ALL the popcorn they had. They put it in a huge garbage bag for us and we went down the escalator. This guy going up the escalator at the same time I was going down gave me the strangest face, so I jokingly told him in Thai, "I am going to eat it all." He laughed so hard.  The popcorn was enjoyed while we watched Meet the Mormons! It was really good, but they didn't have it in Thai, so all the missionaries had to translate it for the members. 

Some of my favorite things learned from Zone Conference were from this quote, "You become the most excellent parent on the day you become an empty nester, and you will be the most excellent missionary on the day you finish....and so it is with anything in life, enjoy the process."  

I needed to hear this!  Earlier this week I had a really hard day, and realized some things needed to change. That same day I saw this sign that said, "Give 100% to live 100%". So after hearing this, I realized that I need to give 100% in order to be happy in the process, so that I can live 100%...and eventually become a better person and missionary. 

Love you all,

Sister Rem

PS. Here are some pics from last week.

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