Monday, March 23, 2015

Compare Yourself With Yourself

Hey everyone!! I am so sorry! I have like no time at the internet place today, so my email may be a bit disjointed this week. Next weeks will be better... I promise!
I get to go ride elephants in Chiang Rai today!  It is only open three hours a day....which is the reason I have no time this week. Sorry that I didn't reply to everyone (or really anyone) this week!
Last P-day we went to a long neck village it was SOOO cool! I'll send pictures next week.
This week Sister Ooy ran into some complications, but hopefully she'll be able to be baptized by the end of this transfer. She has SO much faith and  serves everyone. Sometimes I'll just find her cleaning the church!
She told us of this really cool miracle that happened to her this week. Her life is really difficult, so she decided to put her faith in to a fast to help her and her daghter's situation. On the very day she tried fasting, she was heading home on her motorbike thinking about how her daughter had been begging her for this chair lately. Her daughter is really sad and won't leave the house. As she was going home thinking about this, there was a truck in front of her that had the very same chairs her daughter wanted on it. All of a sudden, one chair flew off as the truck drove away. She was able to pick it up, strap it to her mortorbike and take it home to her daughter.  A serious miracle.
Thought of this week, "Compare yourself to yourself. Are you better than you were yesterday? That's all that matters."
I love you all!

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