Monday, March 2, 2015

Don't Just Chill, Work For Your Goals

Hey everyone! 

First of all I am going to apologize in advance, this email may be shorter/lamer than most. Sister Ellis and I are going to Bangkok today, because she has finished her mission! Transfers are on Thursday...but it takes 12 hours to get down there and she has a lot of interviews, meetings, celebrations, and whatnot. 

SO the next time I email...I'll have a new companion! I am a little nervous, because Sister Ellis has been so awesome, but I'm sure it'll be great!

Sister Ellis has been amazing. I have really learned so much from her these past 2 transfers. I will always be grateful that she was my trainer/mom in Thailand. To sum it up quickly, she is a great example of always choosing to be happy and matter the circumstance. She doesn't postpone her happiness until something happens that makes her happy...she just chooses to be happy in each moment! I'll really miss her.  Here is a piƱata that she made. 

Last monday we went to this "Muga-tot" hot pot restaurant thing for FHE with our ward. The other people in my district warned me that it ALWAYS makes you sick, and to be prepared to be "out" the next morning. I was all like, "Then why are we eating it?" They replied, "Because its delicious Sister Rem."  Muga-tot is basically this raw meat, tofu, noodle, and vegetable buffet that you fry on this hot fire thing at your table. Because (naturally) I was scared of getting sick, I fried everything to a toasty burnt crisp...Everything!  Long story short, I didn't get sick.  

While I was at this place, I finally realized the reason Thai was harder than it seemed it should be!  They speak a different dilect of Thai here in Chiang Mai!!! They speak "Northern" (passa nxa).  So when I didn't understand some people, those people were speaking Northern. This definitely eased my mind concerning my language skills!  According to Sister Ellis, Bangkok is great because everyone speaks normal Thai. I've learned a few northern words though, and because people know I don't speak Northern, I guess that they speak normal Thai to me...its just the odd few that don't.  

This week Sister Ellis and I went contacting at this super fancy mall called Maya. We contacted each level, and when we got to the top there was this sweet view! I made paper airplanes out of some inviting cards and threw them off the top too...good times...I'm doing the peace sign for you Wyatt and Elliott. 

Sister Cat (our convert from last transfer), took us to see her Dad at her house this week! Her Dad and Brother are not members of the church, so we introduced ourselves and asked if we could help at all. They were really nice. Before we went over there we met Sis Cat at the grocery store in her neighbourhood, and she asked us if we "wanted to walk around and look at the grocery store." I thought this was pretty funny, but brilliant, because hot season has begun and there is A/C in there so we walked around for a few minutes... it was just like Safeway.  Haha

There was also a YSA dance activity this week. It was so funny to watch. This awesome lady in our ward was teaching all of them how to dance. She was soooo good. 

Sunday was great. We know have 2 investigators with goals of baptismal dates, they both are still praying about it pray they'll get their answers! 

On Sunday, one of the people that Sister Ellis and I had contacted by saying, "gin khaw ruu yang" (have you eaten yet) , which is a perfectly normal Thai greeting I assure you, came to church, AND brought friends!  Missionary work is fun, people! 

Okay my time is almost out, so I'll leave you with something that inspired me this week that I've been thinking a lot about. It's that there are 2 types of people. Those that are letting things happen to them and just chilling, and those that are working towards becoming something...becoming more like our Savior Jesus Christ. I want to work on this! 

Love you all!!

Sister Remington 

P.S. This isnwhatbhappens when you get a girl that works in a closet to make you a look like an elf! 

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