Friday, April 15, 2016

One More Week! Throw Buckets Of Water On The Farang for Songkran!

Hey Everyone!!! 

I can't believe this email is my second to last one as a missionary. (I will email once more on Monday).

Today is P-day because it is Songkran! The giant water fight!! Songkran is 3 days of a water fight to celebrate the Thai new year, so everywhere you go people will spray water at you! Yesterday when Sister T and I were trying to visit people and teach them, everyone kept owning us with water... Like I would ride my bike down the street, and get sprayed and buckets of water thrown at me by people on each side! It was crazy. People would yell, "Farang, Farang! (foreigner)" and leave Sister T and the other Sisters alone, and get me. The other sisters thought it was hilarious. So all yesterday I was soaking wet. Today we get to play too -  i am so excited! I will tell you more about it on Monday! :) 

Last night our house totally had a "Songkran" situation too. The water in the bathroom started leaking, so I decided to try and fix it, by putting more tape on the stuff that was already taped, however I ended up breaking the whole pipe!  Water started leaking through the ceiling, and it was bad....we also didn't figure out how to turn it off until today... oops. 

Also, randomly this week, my body decided to break down. It's like 44 degrees celcius here, and over the past week I got food poisoning, back pain, and a cold. I kinda laughed and just thought to body must know I am finishing my mission soon!  One day I tried to eat some oatmeal because I was like, "that's food from home, that will make me feel better." ... and as I was finsihing my oatmeal I realized it had ants all in it and I must have eaten like 50-100 ants. I just laughed and thought, "I have gotten to the third stage of eating food here in Thailand where you eat the bugs!" haha (Reminder...stage one is you throw the food away, stage two is you eat around them, stage three is you eat the bugs) 

Anyways, I am short on time so I just want to tell you guys what I liked from conference! 

I loved that Elder Holland talked about how we get credit just for trying. I also loved the talk where it quotes Sister Senior and her demonstration, "Can you see yourself in the temple?" I loved that because I totally got to help her with that in Chiang Mai last year. I must have held up that temple mirror to like a hundred people, and asked them in Thai, "Can you see yourself in the temple?" I loved that talk, and I thought how cool it was to have been a missionary this past year and a half, and have had the opportunity to, in effect, hold up the temple for others to see. As a missionary I have had the opportunity to teach many people about the temple and as I listened to that talk I felt so grateful for the opportunity. 

Okay I will email again Monday!

Love you all!

Sister Remington 

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