Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Oh Thailand.

Hey everyone!

You are probably all wondering why I didn't email yesterday. The reason is... yesterday was zone conference so our P-day was switched until today. Also my next P-day will be on THURSDAY APRIL 14TH as it will be Sonkran, the big Thai water fight next week. So don't forget to email me then :)

Anyways, yesterday was zone conference and it was so good! I was also able to share my testimony, along with all the others finishing their mission. It was a cool experience to just stand and share the things I know to be true. Today, I also finished the Book of Mormon in Thai (finally...) It has been really cool this last little bit to just reflect and to feel peace about my mission. 

Okay! Some really funny stories happened this week! 

1) Bugs in Thailand

Okay, so this past week I woke up in the middle of the night and my face felt kinda weird. I felt my face and my lip was SUPER swollen.. I immediatley knew that something had bit me. So I went to look in the mirror and half of my lip and eyes were SOOOO swollen. I started laughing I looked so funny. I also laughed because this exact same thing happened to Sister Lam, almost a year ago TO THE DAY. I was worried for a second, but then was like, "well she was fine, so I should be too." I went back to sleep and in the morning called the mission nurse who told me to take some benadryl, which helped...but also made me walk around like a zombie for the rest of the day. My lip was also numb for days after... oh thailand! 

2) The Rain Comes Down, and the Floods Came Up. 

Okay, so even though it is hot season in Thailand there was a day of crazy torrential rain. A lot of the people here in Thailand don't like the rain (and  for good reason) as the streets will always flood. So that day, a lot of our appointments cancelled. Right before we went home Sister T had to go pick up some medicine for this crazy rash she has. This was our 3rd time at the dermatologists as she has lost her medicine twice. We biked to the super fancy office in the pouring rain, and when we got there we felt too bad to go inside, as the office was super nice and we were soaking wet. However, they motioned us in.. and gave us towels and plastic chairs to sit on...in the middle of the office. It was pretty embarrassing, as all these people were looking at us like, "what's up with them?" SO funny. The people at the office also thought it was hilarious that Sister T had lost her medicine again. Anyways, long story short we get the medicine and go back outside to our bikes....AND ON OUR BIKES THERE ARE COCKROACHES EVERYWHERE... I think they were trying to escape the flood by taking refuge on our bikes. We started laughing so hard and then biked home. Once home, we are about to go inside and we see this dead bird on our doorstop... we then lost it we were laughing so hard. oh thailand! 

3) April Fools

My joke was a bit lame this year, but I did turn the other missionaries bikes upside down and put some mops on them.. lame but ya know :) 

Okay, so this week I got some great news!! Sister Nok from Mahasarakham gets to be a missionary! So happy! One Sister in this mission needed to go to the Philipines MTC, so for the last 3 weeks of the transfer Sister Nok gets to serve as a missionary! This has been her dream for forever. 

Well, that's about all for this week but I want to close with some thoughts. Lately, I have been thinking a lot over my service as a missionary and evaluating if I really have served with all my, "heart, might, mind and strength."..and if Heavenly Father is pleased with my service.  As I have been thinking, praying, and fasting over this, I received an answer, and it came in such a specific way. I know that Heavenly Father is accepting of my service, and although I am by no means perfect, this mission is not the end, and I will keep striving to do and be better. I know God lives, loves, us and is always leading us a long. I feel such peace. 


Sister Remington 

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