Monday, December 14, 2015

We Can Control Our Reactions To The Hardships Of Life

Hey everyone! You are all probs wondering why I am emailing so early today.  It's because we are going to A TIGER WAT...WHERE I GET TO HOLD A BABY TIGER! I am so excited... 

Anyways, this week was my 1 year mark in the country of Thailand. Yes, I have officially been living here for a year...crazy. 

This week Sister Coates and I had some CRAZY things happen to us...but I guess that's pretty normal.   

This week was highlighted by some lessons, where I could just feel the Spirit testifying through me that those things were true, as well as this cool story: 

When I was by the MRT stop I invited this guy named Gan. Gan readily accepted to wanting to learn about Christ, so I called him and made an appointment. At the appointment we talked about prayer.  After we are done introducing it all, he looked at me and he said, "You know Sister Rem, people have been inviting me to learn about Christ since I was like 10 years old, but I always rejected them, as it seemed like they were talking badly about other religions. But when you invited me, it didn't sound like that at all.  Your message sounded so good and happy." I was so happy when he said that.

This experience also reminds me of something Sister Coates and I saw this week.  We had a pretty hard day one day this week, and at the end of the day we saw this guy wearing this shirt that said, "Let them see the light through your voice". because of the circumstances of that particular day, Sister Coates and I looked at each other and were like, "That is so true" (Also so encouraging)!

For Family Home Evening this week, we went to a member's house and it was so fun! (And in a very high building) They made us spaghetti and told us an interesting statistic of how in Thailand apparently there is only 1 boy to every 70 girls...don't know if that is really true, but it would make sense. 

I also went on a switchoff with Sister Mon this week.  She is a missionary from Myanmar and is so nice! She put some facial paint on all of us that they wear in Myanmar....I will send a picture. 

As for our investigators, things are going well! One of our investigators is constantly thanking us for introducing her to Heavenly Father and his is so cute. She said her life is SO much happier now that she knows. 

Right now Sister Coates, Mcknight, and I all are pretty sick...we have the worst colds and fevers and what not.  It is so weird to be sick in Thailand, as it is always like summer here! 

This week for my ending spiritualish thought, I want to talk about hard things. First of all, life isn't easy... that is something everyone knows.  Hard things happen and you wish they wouldn't. But, although you can't control all the hard things that happen to you, you can control the way you react to them. Something I have really learned on my mission, is that when we are putting Heavenly Father first...all works out.   When we are reading our scriptures, praying, and serving others, hard things will happen but we won't be phased by them.  As the scriptures say, we will "be blessed with the peace that surpasses all understanding." (or something like that.)  I know this is true.  As we navigate those hard things in life, we truly can endure them with peace, happiness, and hope in our hearts ....if we are doing those things we know we should. 

I love you guys!


Sister Remington  

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