Monday, December 21, 2015

Tiger Kingdom and More


So excited to talk to you guys this week! Also, after Christmas my P-day will be Monday again! 

This week was a great week! It started off with my whole district hiring out this bus thing  to TIGER KINGDOM, where I was able to take pictures with a bunch of tigers...and walk one like a dog on a leash! It was so cool!  Also, by the way,  tigers smell really bad...and sweat a ton...and in half the pics I look like I am scared to death, because I was. 

Also on Sunday, Sister May was Baptized!! She is this girl that we met outside the mall one day and asked her if she wanted to learn about Christ.  She said she always wondered why so many people believed in him and said sure! She was one of the most prepared people ever, and her baptism was so nice to see. She said she felt so free after she was baptized.  It really was such a nice and peaceful day. 

Oh! And our investigator Sister Sa is getting Baptized tomorrow! She is the one from Cambodia and she is seriously the best. She's been coming to church for quite a while now, and I love teaching her. She is so grateful for the changes that knowing about Heavenly Father's love has made in her life. We downloaded the hymns on her ipad for her and she said she is loving listening to it as she works, she said her boss and everyone is asking her why she is so happy now, as she was so sad before. She also had a really cool miracle happen when we taught about tithing. At first she was hesitant to pay her tithing, as she doesn't make a lot of money and is saving to go live with her daughter in America, but we testified that this is Heavenly Father's commandment and not ours. After that she agreed to pay it, and then the next time we taught her she said her boss had come up to her and agreed to start paying for her internet!  Because of this, she will now be saving more money then she would pay in tithing! Man that was such a witness to me that if we keep the commandments we are blessed. Also, teaching Sister Sa has really just made me realize how important the love of God is...and how Heavenly Father's perfect love changes it all. 

Actually, just as I was typing this now I realized that a big thing I have learned on my mission is that love changes everything. Going through all the big miracles that have happened, as well as the small,  it is interesting to see that the love of God, through prayer and service, is what changes everything, what keeps us on the path, what gets people on the path, and what helps us overcome all obstacles. 

Anyways, this week lots of other stuff happened, the Christmas Zone Conf (we watched "The Best 2 Years"), and I got to start the 12 Days of Christmas Grandma sent me! (so fun!)... but I think I will leave it at this!!

Love you all!

Sister Remington 
A cool bridge from WWll

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