Monday, November 16, 2015

I Moved To Asoke Bangkok!

Hey everyone! 

Man oh man, this week was much happened I don't even know if I can put it all in one email. 

I'll start with the big news: I MOVED TO ASOKE! Asoke is in Bangkok and is the most fancy businessy part of Bangkok ...basically I feel like I am living in New York or Paris. It is so fun!  Oh!  And my new companion is Sister Coates and we are the SIster Training Leaders over the Bangkok West Zone. NOW MY PDAY IS SATURDAY. (So email me by Friday Mom) I think it's that day because the office Elders and AP's are in our district and that is their pday. Anyways, more on Asoke later...

So I want to tell you all about leaving Lampang.  It was so sad, Brother S and Sister Maw  took us out for lunch, and Sister Meow took us out to dinner, so I got to see all the RC's before I left :) I am going to miss them!  Hopefully Bro S and Sis Maws kids will get baptized soon. They are in good hands with Sister Carrillo and her greenie :) When I was leaving we explained to Bro S how transfers work, and how the mission president prays to get inspiration as to where each missionary should go. He silently thought for a moment and said, "I have an idea! I will call him and say (he says this next part in broken english which makes it even funnier) "Hello, I calling from heaven, how are you?"  I'll miss Lampang. 

All of the RC's and members came to see me off and gave me a bunch of gifts/ books to sign...oh and they all got out their camera phones and snapped pics of my felt like I was a celebrity.  It was soooo funny.  I will seriously miss these people. 

Okay, last funny thing from Lampang and then I will move onto Asoke. SO you guys all know how I got food poisoning in Lampang that one time on a switch off at the beginning of my mission?? Well this week, it happened again!! I don't even know what I ate, but long story short...I woke up in the middle of the night, felt way sick...but went back to sleep, then the next morning....long story short again, I barfed a bunch... and was too weak to clean it up for like an hour, so then when I went back into the bathroom, the bathroom was infested with ants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That will teach me. 

Anyways, I am so excited to be an SIster Training Leader in Asoke with Sister Coates.  Our district includes the Assistant's to the Mission President and Office Elders too, so sometimes, apparently, we get to do office work and other cool things too! Asoke is sooo busy too, I feel like we have just been running around and visiting a bagillion people which I LOVE, because I LOVE BEING BUSY!  Asoke also has 2 wards, an international one (full of people from all over the world) and a Thai one. We are involved in both, so on Saturday we got to go visit an less active from Sri Lanka. She had a bunch of kids in this tiny room and I don't think they get many visitors So it was really neat to visit them, as it made them so happy. We visited them with this other Sri Lankan member, and  this lady who is from Brazil who also went on a mission. Man, being here is making me realize how crazy the world is, and how lucky I am to be able to have this opportunity to serve these people. After, we went to this Sri Lankan restaurant where the owners were members of the church.  Sri Lankan food is pretty good too. Sister Coates and I were like, "this is Sri Lankan Saturday."

 Going to church here on sunday was soo different! It was crazy to go to church in English. I was asked to say the opening prayer, and it was the first time I have prayed aloud in English for a while. (I think I may have said some Thai words). Its weird how English can get rusty when you don't use it. That is why I feel like my grammar in these emails is awful. 
The international members are so  amazing. Lots of them are refugees, and this lady from Pakistan was telling me her story... it was so scary and sad, but the gospel really has brought her such peace, as well as to the many other refugees in the ward. The Thai ward was great too! Everyone is so fashion forward and fancy.  

Oh! and the other day this French guy walked into the church who had learned with the missionaries in France. I tried to explain a few things in French, but lets just say my Thai is better, anyways I could totally still understand him, but replying was difficult. 

Another really awesome thing about Sunday was I saw the Healy's! (Jon's parents) They are in Bangkok this week and it just so happened the week I got transferred here is the week they came! They brought me a bunch of American candy!! It was so cool to see them. One of my good friends from Mahasarakham, Sister Dew, also happened to be in Asoke so I saw her too! I will send pics. 

Everyone. I am loving being a missionary. It is seriously the best thing I have ever done.

My thought from this week is about trusting in the Lord. This week I was really worried about transfers and where my next companion, and area was going to be. I was sitting on the sleeper train coming to Bangkok and I couldn't sleep, so I opened up my scriptures.
This is in D and C 41:
"He that receiveth my law and doeth it, the same is my disciple; and he that saith he receiveth it and doeth it not, the same is not my disciple, and shall be cast out from among you"

While reading this I realized that wherever I was sent, that is where God would need me, and whoever I was with, is who I needed to be with, as such I realized in order to be true disciples, we need to do his will and not just say we are going to do it.  We also need to go with all of our hearts. Heavenly Father knows what is best for us and he knows better than we do what will make us happy. That is something I feel I have really learned on my mission. We can worry, worry, worry until we die, but in the end what is going to happen will happen anyways, and in the end will be for our ultimate good and happiness. Now, that is definitely not saying It won't be hard in the moment, missions are hard, and life certainly is hard, but I know Heavenly Father wants us to be happy, and that when things are prepares us for a great happier future moment...where we truly realize all these moments worked together for our good. 

I love Asoke, I love being a missionary... I miss you all, but you may have to drag me home when the time comes. 

I love you guys, 

Sister Remington 
This is me and my new companion on the "Klong Monster" - this dirty river boat water taxi...its soo loud..and fun!

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