Monday, November 9, 2015

Be Happy Now - There Is Good To Be Found In Each Day

Hey everyone!

This week was a good week ...we should get the transfer call today or tomorrow, so I will know if I am moving or staying in Lampang! I feel good about either, as it has been a great 2 transfers here!

Oh and this week Sister Maw got baptized! (I'll explain more at the end of the email) 

Last P-day we went and saw some caves! The caves were soo neat! There was so much buddhist stuff inside them, and we were the only people in there. At first we had to hike up this mountain to get to them, and the tour guides had to hike with us. They were all so surprised we spoke Thai (most people are), and it was so fun! I will send tons of pics.  Once we started exploring the cave, I was going to take this one direction, when the tour guide said to me, "don't go that direction...there is no air there!"  I was like, "Has someone died before?" And she was like, "Yes...." After that my district and I kept thinking we couldn't breathe, but it was probs all in our head. (So funny) The cave also had snakes and soo many bats!

This week I also had a neat experience. One day Sister Carrillo and I were taking a shortcut through this giant school campus in order to get to the church in time to teach a lesson. When I got to the church I realized I had lost my Thai Book of Mormon with all the highlighted scriptures etc. that I have used my entire mission. I was so sad. After the lesson, we went outside to look for it and it was dark, so we back tracked our way through the school and there was literally NO light. Sooo I grabbed our phone and started shining it around. I prayed that I would be able to find it, and almost immediately, my light landed directly on it. I was so happy to find it!  Truly amazing, as it was soo dark and that school is huge!  Prayers are answered. 

Oh! And this week I got my, "death papers" in other words the papers that tell you the day you end your mission. My date is April 28th (the transfer day). So I get a 3 week-ish extension. I will miss starting school for spring term, but it's all chill because then I get a month or so at home before summer term starts. It was soo weird getting that letter. (enclosed in it were a bunch of goal sheets too.) The next day I was thinking about how I can see the end of my mission, and how although I still have a long time left, it is for sure coming up...and when I thought this I teared up a little bit. My mission has meant so much to me, and I don't think I realized that until I got these papers... I mean I did realize it, but I feel it so much more now. I will be sad when it's over, but I don't need to think about that now...I have lots of time left! 

Sister Maw also got baptized this week! Bro S (her husband and someone who we taught that got baptized last transfer) baptized her! It was so awesome to see! She really has a testimony of the restoration, and it was so neat to see Bro S be able to baptize her. Their 2 kids should be getting baptized soon too.... I love teaching families! 

Okay, that's about all for this week...but I will leave you with a thought. It's kinda simple this week:

It's that life is short...missions are short, and sometimes life and missions can be hard, but when you look back you always can see why things happen the way they do, and how trials are for our good. Being on a mission has also taught me a lot about not postponing my happiness. Sometimes it's so easy to say, "I will be happy when _____ happens, or when ____ happens."  When we do this, life will just pass us by.  Be happy now...there is good to be found in each day! 

Love you all!

Sister Remington  

Cave entrance

Cave snake

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