Monday, July 20, 2015

Forgive Others To Be Happy

Hey everyone!

This week felt like it went by really fast! 

I would like to start this letter by wishing Sawyer a happy birthday this week!! 12!!!!!! I hope it is great :) 

This week we found a really nice new house to move in to.  Our house leaks like CRAZY when it rains...and is infested with ants and lizards and rats.  My companion hears the rats run around the room at night from her top bunk. Anyways, our new house is so nice.... and we get to move in 2 weeks! I am excited. 

Also this week I learned just how much people here DO NOT LIKE RAIN. Which makes sense, as basically everytime it rains, everything floods like CRAZY! Anyways, when it rains people turn off their cell phones, go inside, and don't like to come to church or make any appointments. It is kinda funny to call people when it rains, as sometimes they will answer the phone and just yell , "Phone-doak!!!!!!!!!!!!!"(rain) and then hang up.....Good times.  Here we are riding in the rain standing in front of a freshly planted rice field. 

This week I had two really cool experiences. 

The first happened on P-day when we decided to go visit a less active member at her food place. We got some soup and then talked to her a little bit about repentance and the atonement. I thought I wanted to share the scripture with her about how "as often as you repent you are forgiven". I looked up the scripture, and gave it to her to read. As she was reading the scripture, I realized I  had given her the wrong scripture to read, and that this one was all about how we need to forgive everyone. I just let her continue, and after she read the scripture she paused and teared up a little. It turned out that this scripture had addressed her struggle totally and completely. After that I felt prompted to talk about the temple, and that all her problems would seem smaller if she just tried to focus on her ultimate goal, which is to go to the temple. Everyone then shared all these experiences about forgiveness, and how sometimes it is hard to forgive others when they have wronged us, but in the end we have to. We have to forgive in order to be happy!  I learned a lot from the experience of, "looking up the wrong scripture". I saw that Heavenly Father's hand is in our lives, and he will work to help us get what we need.  

This week President Johnson came to visit all the areas. He came to visit Mahasarakham, and then interviewed the four sister missionaries here. In my interview he asked a lot of questions like, "what have you learned from your mission?  How has your mission changed you?  What is your vision for the rest of your mission?"  It gave me a lot to reflect upon, as in that moment I knew I'd definitely changed on my mission...but not a lot came to mind. It seems like it has been a lot of daily little things, rather than some big thing. Anyways, because I am Auburn.....I immediately went home and made a list of everything I have learned so far on my mission from each area, each companion, etc.... and then I knew, just like I knew with that "wrong scripture" experience, that the Lord has had a plan for me on my mission, and He has helped me learn the things I need. I also wrote a vision for the rest of my mission, as I realize I can't postpone all the learning and the growth to the end....if I am going to start, I might as well start on the end vision now!! 

The Johnson's also talked a lot about how the Texas Healy's said to take care of me, and how when they came to Thailand they found my picture on the big board of missionaries. Sister Johnson is so nice, and told me if there is anything I need, ever, to ask her and she'll help me. 

Anyways, I love ya guys!
I'm going to ride some Kwais and do a little golfing. 


Sister Rem 

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