Monday, May 11, 2015

A Conversation With Sister Remington

The Remington Family is happy to report, that after speaking with Auburn yesterday for Mother's Day, she is doing well and finding great joy in her mission. 

We were thrilled by her stories of the wonderful people of Thailand. Here are some interesting tidbits from our conversation with Sister Remington:

"Missions are so fun!"

Followed by, "Missions are so hard!"

"Thai people are so nice, no one has every said an unkind word to me"

"Apparently last month my language skills improved, as my companion informed me that I now sleep-talk in Thai."

"There are no rules or speed limits in Thailand....oh, except no kissing in public"

"I have never been so hot in my life, and on those days, it usually rains in the afternoon and the streets are filled with water to your knees."

"Working hard makes time go by so fast!"

"Thailand is so beautiful."

"I have conquered all of my fears...expect my fear of monkeys"

"This is Seth! He is a soccer player here in Thailand...he got baptized yesterday and has the most amazing testimony! He says he can just feel that this is, "the only true church, and that God is in this church."
I am so happy I got to teach him! It is the first time I have ever taught someone the lessons in english!

"I'm soooo tan"

"We finally found a fro-yo place!!"

"I love it here."

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