Monday, February 2, 2015

It's the Climb

Hey guys,
This week we had President and Sister Senior come and do a training with us! It was so good! They told us they wanted us to testify more when inviting, so we did! Inviting is definitley not my favorite thing, but this week Sister Ellis and I decided to go to Chiang Mai University with 2 younger Sisters (Tat and Ban, ages 17 and 18), and it was so cool. They had so much faith, and subsequently, instead of getting the 2-3 phone numbers we usually do in an hour and a half...we got 18. It really inspired me! 

This week we helped a lady in the ward move all her stuff from her old hair salon to a new one. It was really funny because all the Elders came too, and the Thai people wouldn't let me and Sister Ellis move anything!  (They would also take a break like every 20 minutes to eat.) Every time I tried to move something, I was told not we kinda just sat there.  haha

This week, 4 of the lights in our house broke so I had to shower in the dark with a flashlight.  That was fun...  I also got told at church this week that it isn't Thai fashion to wear a sweater over a skirt not even a cardigan apparently..oops! 

Also this week, I ate a lot of bugs in my food.... 
Apparently in this mission they call it:   "The 3 stages of eating Thai food"

Stage 1:  You see bugs in the food, are super grossed out and throw it all out.

Stage 2:  You pick out the bugs, then eat the food.

Stage 3:  You eat the bugs along with the food. 

I think I am on stage 2 now- haha

Saturday we were supposed to have 2 lessons, one of which I had set up on my own...however both of them broke their appointments.  It was a little discouraging because we didn't have very many lessons this week, but then on Sunday a miracle happened. After leading the music in Relief Society (which I get asked to do each week even though I have no clue how too haha) 2 investigators walk in! One is this guy that went to church a year ago and hasn't been back until now! The other one was a girl we were teaching that we thought wasn't really interested. However, we taught them both after church, I taught the girl with Sister Tat and it was my first lesson that I lead alone...I was really scared, but somehow all my Thai and everything worked out! Prayers are answered people, because you better believe I was praying a ton!!! hahaha 
Both of our lessons went really well and the guy is going to get baptized on the 17th, and the girl recieved an answer that the church is true!

Last week for pday I convinced my district to ride their bikes up this really steep mountain, so that we could all ride down really fast. We rode like half-way up and it was so hard! We found this really cool National Park though! There were sweet waterfalls everywhere, and then the bike ride down was so fun...sooo fast!

Today we woke up at 3:30 am so that we could see the sunrise at the highest point in Thailand! Its called Doi Intenon and it was sooo cool! We also saw a sweet waterfall, and I bought some really cool woven shoes at a market! 

While hiking up to the top of the waterfall today, I was thinking about how this week had been a little discouraging for a few reasons, but that in the end tender mercies really are over all of Heavenly Father's works, and He had really helped me. The bottom of the waterfalll was so cool, and so was the view along the way. However, I was suprised that when I got to the top all there was, was a parking lot!  The view had been so much cooler along the way! This made me think about my mission and life in general, that sometimes we just want to get to the top of the mountain...thinking, that is where all the great stuff will happen...but it is not so, often as difficult as it can be to see, the most beautiful moments are along the way. 
I love you all and miss you!


Sister Remington

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