Monday, February 9, 2015

Don't Take Anything Personally...Seriously Don't!

Hi guys!

I am having a hard time remembering the details of what happened this week, but I did learn a lot.  The number one lesson was - DONT TAKE ANYTHING PERSONALLY...SERIOUSLY DON'T !!

This week, that was the resounding theme for sure, as people just said the craziest stuff to me. I won't repeat everything, but for example:  Someone told me I was fat....I had a big nose...that my hair looks waaay better curly...and the classic- why are you on a mission if this isn't even true- you could have way more fun if you weren't....etc. These were all comments by Thai people and other randoms.  At first I was like, "Ouch, what the heck, none of this is even true - where is this even coming from? Because usually they are like, "You are so pretty, I love your nose, your hair, you are so skinny...and my fav, You look like a Disney Princess." And no one is ever mean to me when inviting them to hear about the Gospel. 
But then I realized, all of these comments, bad or good...said by anyone are really not about me in the slightest. Whenever someone makes a comment it has nothing to do with you...even if it seems totally personal...but it has everything to do with their opinions, motives, and upbringing. 
I also remembered all the times when I have said thoughtless things, and how I hurt other's feelings as well. Anyways, this entire rant came down to this realization: The only opinions that should matter are Heavenly Father's, and your own, because if you let the opinions of others hurt you....well your life is going to be full of hurt, because people loveee sharing their opinions. 

This week I went on a switch off with Sister Larson...and it was way better than the one where I barfed for 3 days. This time it was in Chiang Mai so I got to lead. We went inviting all over Chiang Mai, to malls across the highway, to parks etc...and I only got slightly lost. We called all of our former investigators too....and heard the "welcome to callback service", (a funny thai english voice) a lot. We also had lessons with a bunch of RC's, which all went really well...which is an amazing miracle b/c we are both greenies. We also had an awesome lesson with Ging, and comitted her to get baptized this Sunday ! She's totally ready, and even had her permission slip signed and everything! (she's 17). The last set of Sisters her in Chaing Mai taught her too, but before now her parents have always forbidden her to get baptized. But in the last couple weeks amazing stuff happened, where her older sister started taking the lessons in Chiang Rai...and now is getting baptized the same day as her. Everyone pray it all works out! 

This week we also had some special training.  It was so cool and is really going to change this mission. In this mission we have this thing called 'balanced' where each week you are supposed to have 2 daters, 2 at church, 2 new investigators, and 10 RCLA/member lessons. But now they are adding to this 2 refferals and 2 part member family lessons. This is because last year 2000 people were baptized in Thailand, and now getting a temple here is so close!  This year President Senior said the Lord wants 4000 baptisms, in order to prepare for the temple here, and we are going to do that by teaching the gospel to all the RC's from last years families. So they set these goals for the mission:
-Next week to have everyone balanced
-March: 2 baptisms per companionship
-April-3 baptisms per companionship
-May: 4 baptisms per companionship. 

This made me really excited, as I realized that I will be able to help prepare for the temple here in Thailand.  It really is an amazing opportunity, and I know that Thailand needs me and my diligence. This will also make it more about families, and families being together forever through the temple that will come in the next couple of years.

Some of my favorite things said in this training where:
-"Remember the hope you have, for this mission, for this country."
-"We have to keep pace with the Lord."
-"If you do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got."

I know that it won't always be easy...but it will happen. 

Before I close, I would like to leave you all with some random info about this week and Thailand:

-Thailand is obsessed with France
-Thanks so much for the package Mom and Grandma Cammy! I love the shoes!!!!!
-I went to a flower was sweet, and people took a bunch of pictures with us...
-Thai people never kiss in public
-A giant tour group came to church yesterday...but unfortunately they were all from really far away. 
-I ate twice at this pancake place this week.

Love you guys!

Sister Remington 


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  1. I love all the things you are learning on your mission. Thanks for sharing as they are good for us to learn as well. Keep up the good work. You are AMAZING!