Monday, October 27, 2014

New Zone Sister Training Leader

Hey family and friends!

This week went a whole lot faster at the MTC. I loved reading all the dear elders, and thanks so much Aunt Lisa and Grandma for the packages, they were so thoughtful and creative!! 

I'll start this email by telling kinda a funny story, that I hope I haven't emailed about before haha.On a temple walk (its where you go and walk around the provo temple with all the other missionaries, talk and take pictures) I met this Sister Missionary from Thailand!! She was so nice, and is going on her mission to Australia. She told me that once I get to Thailand the food will make me skinny, and I will get tan. The only thing is, she said all the white people sweat so much that I will have a lot of zits.... aha it was awesome. 

This week, as the Phii Thais are leaving today, Sister Burbank and I got called as the new Sister Training Leaders! So we are over all the sisters in the zone, which is Cantonese, Hmong, and Thai. 
It's crazy because we've only been here like 3 1/2 weeks, however, the way the MTC does weeks I am in week 4! Only 5 left, yay!!

Another funny story from this week, we teach our "investigators", who are really our teachers daily, and this week we taught 2 of our different teachers, who always choose to act like Thai people with long Thai names that are hard to remember. I was having a hard time keeping the names straight so in one of the lessons, i kept calling the investigator the wrong name! When I was trying to say something really deep (I mean as deep as I can say in Thai), I said the name of another investigator, to the one i was trying to teach again! I just started laughing, and he started laughing, and Sister Burbank starting laughing, and I could not pull it together for the rest of the lesson. Even at the end, when saying bye (Choke-dii, it also means good luck) I accidentally called him the wrong name again! Oh man. 

Also, on Saturdays we do this thing called TRC, where we teach members (RM's, or actual Thai people) lessons.We are filmed, and our teachers give us feedback later. At the beginning of a lesson with some Thai people (who talked SO fast), Sister Burbank asked the man and woman, if they were father and daughter. Turns out they were friends/dating/we are not really sure but they were definitely not related. 

Thai is coming along pretty well, I can recognize and understand very well, but my accent is atrocious. I cannot figure out the tones for the life of me. My teacher this week had me try and read English sentences from PMG trying the flat, rising, falling, high and low tones, and it was so hard. I feel like I am so used to having expression in my speaking on every word, so it is hard to not change the meaning by saying a word with a different tone. Although this week instead of saying, "I believe in.... I said "I evil...." SO that's kinda funny. 

Also I am in the MTC choir, and I think they are doing a worldwide broadcast of it next tuesday, so watch it and watch for me!!

I learned a lot this week. One big thing that really stuck out to me was trying to think of myself less. I had this big "aha" moment when I was reading my scriptures by the fence at the MTC. I was looking out at the mountains and sunset, thinking about all the fun things I'd taken for granted before I came to the MTC. 
But then, looking at the sunset and mountains, i realized the world is so beautiful, and joyful! I am starting to think the only reason anyone is ever sad is because they are focusing too much on themselves and the small problems that can consume us all (if we let them) day to day. I need to definitely work on this, not letting my small problems consume me, and I would challenge you all to do the same. Read 2 ne 31:20, its awesome. 

We also had an awesome devotional where the speaker was one of those guys who spoke in conference in a different language. He spoke in English at the MtC, and he was so funny! Hard to understand, but funny. He talked a lot about how, "If your family were to spend a day in the mission field with you, would they be proud?" He also told us to read Moroni 8:1-3, and think of it as from your family to you. It was really touching, and I just want to tell you all how much I love and appreciate you. Know I pray for you all, and think about you everyday. 

Have a great week!


Sister Remington
Auburn's zone

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