Monday, October 13, 2014

Auburn's first letter

Hey family!
I'm going to try and get back on at like 2 and send some pics! 

This has been a seriously hard week.
As my companion Sister Burbank said, "The MTC is like life you have a lot of ups and downs, they are just all in one day!" There has been some good times this week as well as some bad times where i wonder what I signed myself up for.
The first day I got here they led me through this gauntlet (is that the right word?) type thing where they give you all your books, papers, and whatnot. Then I rushed around and they showed me my room (basically helaman halls), and then took me to my classroom, where I met my companion and district. My companions sister Burbank from Washington, shes pretty quiet but nice. (Mom shes the girl that sent me that facebook video). We also had a devotional the first day, where one elder played an "If you could hie to Kolob" piano solo. It was so nice, and as Wyatt, Elliott, and Sawyer know that is my favorite hymn. For the closing song we sang, "Armies of Helaman", which is the song Elliott and Sawyer and I played on the piano before we left. I felt the spirit so strongly then.
Thursday was decent, we taught our first investigator all in Thai! Well Sister Burbank said some stuff, I just sat there and looked super confused because I know absolutley no Thai. I then got some shots, and while I was getting some shots an Elder from France was trying to explain his medical records, but couldn't really explain them in English so as I sat down to get my shot, a lady asked, "Does anyone speak French?" I said I did and was able to translate for him, and get his medical stuff sorted out. Unfortunatley, the next day I think i got sick from the flu shot because I felt like I was going to barf and was dry heaving like the whole day.
The MTC is basically just class, class, class. We study the scriptures, Thai, and teaching lessons from 7:55 Am-930 at night. So crazy. I'll take a picture of the schedule to send you. My teacher Sister Painter is really nice and funny, she really makes Thai fun, even though its so hard!! I learned how to pray in Thai this week so that was super cool!
The MTC food is sooooo bad. Its like cannon center but a billion times worse. One elder gave me the advice to just not eat salad though, or else you'll feel super sick, and won't be able to handle other food.
My district (the people I have class with) are all super nice and funny. There's Elder Darby from Calgary, Sister Burbank, Elder Graham, Sun, and Webb. We all just laugh and joke around. There's another district here that got here the same time as us, and they are all super nice and funny too. There is a mexican and samoan Elder in that district that are my favs, they just smile and laugh and joke around all the time.
The MTC has been hard for me so far, but i guess its just change, and change is always hard. Mom and Dad getting your package really meant the world to me. I have read Dad's letter so much and it has helped me more than I can describe.
Although the MTC has been hard, there have been some really good times too! And I have realized that everyone feels the same. As Elder Webb said when my district was talking one night, "I know everyone says at the MTC you just have to make it to Sunday, and then you'll be good... but what if you make it until Sunday and it still is rough?" I honestly laughed so hard because that's exactly what I was thinking.
Sunday was pretty good, we watched some really awesome devotionals, studied, went on a temple walk, and just kinda chilled. This morning I was able to go to the temple, and that was a good experience, the Provo temple is super beautiful inside! I have met some really nice friends at the MTC, Sister McDaniels (apparently she's cousins with the Tanners), and shes going to temple square, as well as some really awesome elders! Everyone just talks to everyone which is nice!
Although this has been a week of some big ups and downs, I just want to say that my testimony has grown so much! I want to write you all letters because I hardly have any time to email! I'll try and get back on for a few minutes to send some pictures though.
This week I prayed more than I ever have in my whole entire life, and more sincerly too. When it got so hard missing you guys, and my life, I would just pray and heavenly father would answer my prayers, be it through reading a scripture, having someone strike up a conversation with me, or feeling the spirit so strongly. Honestly, it really helped me to learn that when we rely on the Lord we can do anything, and even if it seems impossible, we just have to take it day by day, and Heavenly Father will never give us more than we can handle. I am grateful for this opportunity that I have to be a missionary, and even though its hard I know it will be worth it.
I love you all so much, and think about you everyday.
Rak (Love in Thai), 

Sister Remington

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