Monday, April 13, 2015

"Twas I.....But Tis Not I"

Hey everyone! 

First of all, 2 exciting things....
1) I am moving!! 
2) Jupe-Jang-got baptized.. to explain the week:

This week began with the classic bus ride to Bangkok, P-Loog, and then back to Chiang Mai so Sis Lam and the zone leaders could do training. SO that means, 2 nights of sleeping on buses. It was actually really funny, although I may have just been sleep-deprived. Thai buses are really different, because firstly, they blast music videos, and secondly they stop every hour or two at a ghetto side-of-the-road restaurant to take a break, which makes getting places take SO long. 

When we finally got back to Chiang Mai, I was sooo tired and hungry that I decided to call and order Mcdonalds. (Delivered to the house.) This was the first time (and probably the last time) I have done this. (yes Wyatt, be jealous). It was a real STRUGGLE to explain where I lived in Thai, 
"It's by the wat."
"which wat?"
"the gold one."


Anyways, the next day we met with Jupe-Jang again and she expressed her desire to still get baptized! She said she just got scared about bearing her testimony in front of a lot of people, which is why she ran out. We then decided to set up a smaller baptism for her on a weekday...and it was great! Some of her closer friends came, and in the final hymn, "Nearer my God to thee", She had tears in her eyes. It was so cool to see her change so much over these past few months. To go from being being so happy. I really do love her! 

This week WE GOT INVITED TO EAT AT A MEMBERS HOUSE (if you are wondering why the all's because this doesn't happen a lot in Thailand). They made us homeade pizza (I was sooo happy), and we talked about how Thai people are the original hipsters and the new temple in Thailand! It was so fun.

This is my "goodbye lantern" from the members. 

A really cool miracle that happened this week:

Sis Lam and I were contacting at a mall near the airport, asking people if they wanted to go to church. I had asked like 100's of people who had all said no...when all of a sudden this guy that had just said no, turned around and come back saying... "Actually, YES." I was kinda taken aback, but gave him all the info. The next day we were contacting in a different mall, and when we finished we ran into him again. He came up to me and asked, "do you remember me? I am definitely coming to church" .... SO cool. 

We also got a phone call this week....I am Moving!! I will know where  on Thursday.  Sis Lam and I are all packed up and ready to go to Bangkok today, as she is finished her mission! Lots of people aren't going down to transfers as it is Songkran..the giant water fight AND the most dangerous time in Thailand. I am kinda nervous to move, but also excited! I will really miss the members here though...they are all coming to send us off/cry/give us presents...I love them. 

Today before we leave for Bangkok, I get to play Songkran!! It is gunna be crazy! It started yesterday and there were all these people trying to own me with water and hoses on my bike and "crazies" dancing in giant foam pits. Apparently it can get kinda sketchy. 

I loved conference this week! I wrote questions down before...and got answers to all of them!  I loved the talk about changing through the atonement, and how we can all become better. How when we strive to change we can say, "Twas I...but tis not I." Mom, I also loved the french guy's knew I would.


Sister Remington!

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