Monday, January 19, 2015

Progress Gives Us Joy, But Opposition Gives Us Progress

Dear Family, this week was great! 

We started off by visiting the hill tribes on P-day. We drove up this super windy road to the top of a mountain and I felt like I was going to barf (car sickness) but I simply hung onto the ladder outside of the car and felt way better. Once we got to the top of the mountain we saw some cool little shops and people dressed up in their sweet hill tribe outfits....And some wooden go-cart type things that you could ride down the giant mountain..... The zone leaders were with us and they all wanted to do it, so Sister Black, me, and the ZL's all rode was sooo sketchy but soooo fun! We almost fell off the side of the mountain (I was driving). Anyways, it was really hard to steer b/c you had to use your feet! And the brake didn't really work. oh well though.

 A random man in a bunny suit and lots of random Asian people kept asking to take pictures with us, which I thought was hilarious. 

Another fun thing this week was English class! I got to do this thing called talking time, where you talk in english for 5 minutes with each member of the class (like 30 people). It was so awesome and fun to hear Thai people speak english ...and they all asked me the same question, "Where you come from?"  I would say Canada, and then they ALL referenced the Disney movie, "Frozen". So funny.  Sister T shared a spiritual thought at the end using the Plan of Salvation and....JENGA. Jenga is going to be a great converting tool. haha 

This week we also visited an recent convert in the hospital who had broken her was a little dramatic, because even though she just had a broken arm, she'd been in the hospital for a week!   I now realize that I never want to have to go to the hospital in Thailand....

Sister Ellis was feeling sick this week, but on the day she felt the most sick a miracle happened! We were teaching an investigator at the church and when we finished, we decided that we better go "Inviting"...but as we were walking out, one of our other investigators walked in expecting a lesson, and we hadn't even made an appointment! We taught her and just as we were about to leave...a struggling recent convert walks in, and we teach her! It was so awesome, and then we taught Book of Mormon class to a bunch of RC's. 

In Book of Mormon class everyone takes turns reading from the book of mormon. reading in Thai is super hard, but I decided I would read too this week. I did....and it was a major struggle, and everyone clapped when I got through a verse. haha. 

We didn't have as many lessons as usual this week, so we did a whole lot of inviting. It wasn't so bad though, and one day when I was feeling so so sooo done with it...we found this amazing mountain temple that I'd seen on one of the first days here in Thailand.  I had been wanting to find it for weeks!!! It was a serious miracle, as Sister Ellis and I were just riding our bikes along after inviting and all of a sudden she's like, "stop....Sister Remington I found it!!" I was so happy and it was really cool. 

This week I feel like I really just learned how aware Heavenly Father is of all of us, and how tender mercies are truly, "over his work." When Sister Ellis was sick, and I was a little discouraged...he sent us those things to truly help us! I was also thinking a lot about the Plan of Salvation, and how we all will face opposition in this life...but in order to progress we must face opposition. 

I then thought of this catchy saying: "Progress Gives Us Joy, But Opposition Gives Us Progress." 

Anyways, I love you guys, and sure do miss you all. 

Study the Plan of Salvation. It's so cool! 


Sister Remington

The other day my companion and I went over to some members house (for some reason I didnt quite get- it was in Thai). We drive around for like an hour in the car picking random people up until we have like 12 people in a 6 person car.... we get to the members house and they've made us food...except it was literally STICKS and mushrooms....good good times. This one lady had brought some cake though. And oh man did I want that cake. The lady who's house it was wanted to save it for later, but I guess that I stared at it for so long that she finally cracked the cake open...I was so happy! Especially since I'd been trying to pretend eat the sticks for a while.....

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