Monday, December 8, 2014

Prison Break!

Hey family,

This week I contracted the plague of all plagues....AKA the worst head cold of my LIFE. Elder Darby gave me some as he calls it, "witch doctor" essential oil stuff that his mom gave him, that according to the little book that came with it cures everything from stress to cancer. I'm not too convinced it worked, so I am sticking with some Advil. I'm glad I can sleep on the plane haha

 But its all okay cause GUESS WHAT?!!! Today is the day I go to THAILAND! I am so excited but also a little scared! 

My teacher Sister Painter this week told me all about some crazy stories from her mission to Thailand. She said the craziest stuff just happens there, like the crazy and random stuff that happens to me all the time. She said it was like living in a movie! Never a dull day. It made me catch the vision a little bit more of why I am going there. My district also voted me as the person, "the most likely to end up on the news", because of all the crazy stories I've told them...Good times. 

I am so excited to call you all in the airport! I wanted to call Destiny and Emily too, but we apparently aren't allowed to call sad. Mom/Dad/Siblings I'll probably call you super quickly from the Salt Lake airport, and also when I get too LAX for sure because we have a 7 hour layover....

I am so excited to see the Sky during the day, this is probably super dramatic but I've been in a brick prison for 9 weeks. 

Anyways, I'll just quickly update you all on my week, and send a lot of pictures because I have to go finish my laundry and whatnot! I am so scared my suitcases are gunna weigh to much. 

This week Sister Burbank and I were chosen as the demonstration, "People and your Purpose" missionaries for all the new ones coming in. This basically meant we just demonstrated "How to Begin Teaching" with a real/fake investigator in front of all the new missionaries. I literally just said the most random stuff, and everyone laughed at me. It was hilar. I also sawy Brandon Brown and Justin Coleman! So crazy. 

This week Grandma and Grandma Cammy sent me some packages! Grandma Cammy sent me some oranges...which everyone in my zone loves me for because I always share, and Grandma sent me some caramels and ginger bread men. I was so happy. I gave a few select people some caramels and cookies, and here are some quotes from them as they ate them:

"It's melting in my mouth."
"Sister Remington, that cookie made Elder Webb cry."

Suffice it to say they were really, really good!

We are all so excited to go eat some food in the airport...we've been planning what we are going to eat for weeks!! #CostaVida

Something cool I learned this week was reading in Alma...the chapter about the armies of Helaman. While reading it a verse stuck out to me that hadn't ever before. It was, "we do not doubt our mothers knew it." The armies of Helaman did not doubt that their families and especially their mothers had taught them correct principles, and also knew they could face any challenge. This made me so grateful for my own family, and especially my mom who does not doubt. 

I also really liked Ether ch6 I think it is where the Jaradites are in the barges going to the promised land. The wind and storms toss the barges about, they go under the water and over the water... but, "The wind did never cease to blow towards the promised land."  No matter how hard things get, our trials are given to us to make us stronger, and the wind will never cease to blow towards our promised lands. The things that Heavenly Father has planned for us.. The things we want out of life. It's hard, but it really all comes down to trust and faith. Will you trust in the answers you've received to your prayers and move forward? Will you trust that Heavenly Father won't let you fail? I would like to bear my testimony that I know this Church and gospel are true. I know that it will bring people great joy in Thailand, and there are people waiting, that need to hear this message. 

I love and miss you all.


Sister Remington

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